MANUKA JUN MGO 400 – 750ml


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A sparkling pleasure for every special occasion. Our Manuka Jun MGO 400 is a fermented tea drink with Manuka honey MGO 400, created in collaboration with the manufacture RHO Kombucha. Made with love, handcraft and focusing on traditional long term fermentation. We use active Manuka honey with a certified methylglyoxal concentration of at least 400 mg/kg and our own symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). Slightly tart and sparklingly refreshing – for a unique culinary experience.

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Sparkling, festive & non-alcoholic

Are you familiar with Jun?  A particular speciality lies behind this word: an effervescent drink made from fermented tea. The tea is typically fermented using traditional household sugar. The fermentation process results in highly probiotic and popular lifestyle drink: Kombucha. If the sugar is replaced with honey, this results in Jun – in this case our Manuka Jun. A creation resulting from the cooperation with the small Kombucha manufactory RHO from Hamburg.

Sparkling pleasure

The high-quality bottle with cork seal promises a satisfying “pop” when first opened. At the same time, our Manuka Jun is certified as non-alcoholic according to German standards. The fermentation process with our all-rounder honey, Manuka MGO 400, creates the healthy alternative to sparkling wine and co. Sparkling enjoyment at all your festivities is thus guaranteed.

Our Manuka Jun is the perfect accompaniment to light, summer dishes as well as salads, fish and pasta.


Many myths and sayings exist about the origin of this 2000-year-old beverage, whose origin can even be traced back to the era of Japanese emperors. Its taste varies depending on the brewing type, brewing method and type of additives. However, most nuances tend to range from slightly acidic to effervescent and sweet.


Our Manuka Jun is a mixture of classic green and black tea. Fermentation takes place using a so-called SCOBY, a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. This is a special tea mushroom with a cellulose structure which is extremely rich in fibre. Our Manuka Jun is unpasteurised, make it pure and raw, just like our honey.

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