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MADHU Travel Bundle


The MADHU travel set is your ideal Manuka honey travel companion. With the three different MGO concentrations MGO30, MGO250, and MGO400, you get a versatile selection to meet your individual needs. Grab your travel bundle now with a price advantage of over 30%.

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MADHU Winter Power Bundle


Make the MADHU Winter Power Bundle your daily companion – at the breakfast table, as a sweet addition to your tea, or as an energy booster in between. Don’t miss the opportunity to treat yourself or your loved ones to this exclusive bundle and save at the same time. Order now and prepare for the winter months – naturally, healthily, and with flavor!

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MADHU Giftset Starter


Immerse yourself in the magical world of New Zealand Manuka honey with our exclusive product bundle, which provides you with a unique glimpse into the diversity and purity of this honey. Save 30% with the bundle and savor the pure taste experiences of New Zealand!

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About Manuka

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If honey is liquid gold, then real Manuka honey is liquid platinum: Because the honey, which is harvested exclusively in the pristine nature of New Zealand from the flowers of the native Manuka bush, not only tastes indescribably good. It also has valuable ingredients that go far beyond what “regular” honey contains. The Maori knew about the power of Manuka honey – today, connoisseurs around the globe appreciate the effects of the enzymes contained and the antibacterial properties of this pure natural product.

About Manuka

Manuka honey is a precious gift of nature, extracted from the pristine heart of New Zealand. During a short, seasonal blooming period in spring and summer, bees eagerly collect the nectar of the native Manuka shrub. The result is a honey of exceptional quality, rich in enzymes and with antibacterial properties that far exceed those of conventional honey.

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Just a teaspoon a day may be enough to positively affect overall well-being. It’s a good thing that MADHU Manuka Honey is so delicious that it can easily be incorporated into your daily diet. And it doesn’t have to stop at honey on bread or honey in tea, as our tasty recipes with MADHU Manuka Honey demonstrate.

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Genuine Manuka Honey from MADHU Honey is a journey into the untouched nature of New Zealand, a tribute to the art of beekeeping, and a promise of quality and purity. Behind the creation of our unique Manuka Honey lies an exciting story, and even the name MADHU Honey carries a very special meaning.

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Exciting Insides, valuable information and interesting news about MADHU and Manuka Honey.

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Fascinating insights, valuable information, and interesting news about MADHU Honey and Manuka Honey.

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What is Methylglyoxal in Manuka Honey?

The difference between Manuka and regular honey

How to recognize a real Manuka honey.