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The unique purity from Wairarapa, New Zealand offers a wide range of beneficial uses. Unadulterated, unencumbered and offers over 85% manuka flowers. The certified methylglyoxal concentration is 436 mg / kg.

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Manuka Honey MGO 400

Appreciated by experts and feared by germs: With a concentration of more than 400 milligrams of methylglyoxal per kilogram, this honey is an extraordinary strong manuka honey. It owes its notoriety and aggressive, black colour to this property.


A powerful honey through and through, which is evident from its colour and flavour. Our MGO 400 is captivating with its full-bodied aroma and prevailing aromatic notes of the Manuka bush.


Barren, dry soil in an inhospitable landscape permeated by cliffs, mountains and valleys. This breath-taking scenery with views over the endless expansive ocean. Regions, some of which are so remote, that only special 4-wheel quads can access them. This all characterises the unspoilt nature of the Wairarapa region. And it is precisely in this primal, wild terrain where the Manuka tea tree bush grows. The harsher the landscape, the better the bushes thrive, giving the Wairarapa an abundant wealth that is rarely found in any other region of New Zealand.

Our Quality Promise

The quality and origin of our Manuka honey is a top priority for us. For this reason, we only use honey from selected beekeepers. Beekeepers we know in person and who have been working professionally with us for years.

In order to ensure and safeguard the quality of the honey, we rely on extensive testing procedures. The MGO content is confirmed by independent laboratories in New Zealand and Germany. Our honey is always free from glyphosate and other residues. Furthermore, studies into different, key parameters for the International markets are conducted, including the enzyme content. This means: We deliver certified, authentic, pure Manuka honey by all standards, domestic and international.

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