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Our Manuka honey MGO 250 with an MGO concentration of 250mg/kg is already particularly effective. In combination with organic hemp extract (THC content <0.2%) and a dash of evening primrose oil, an exceptional skin care product is created directly from nature.

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Manuka CBD MGO 250 – Breathtaking Nature Turns Into Extra Rich Skincare

With the knowledge of the unique effects of Manuka honey, it was obvious for us: We had to develop a special care for our biggest organ: our skin, which is exposed to various environmental influences every day. In combination with organic hemp extract and a little organic evening primrose oil, our Manuka honey MGO 250 can unfold its full power here. This is how the Manuka CBD MGO 250 balm was created, an extraordinary skin care product directly from nature and full of beneficial ingredients.

Our Quality Promise

For the composition of our Manuka CBD MGO 250 we choose the highest purity of the individual ingredients. For this reason, we import our Manuka honey directly from beekeepers in New Zealand. The MGO concentration of the honey is examined and certified by independent laboratories in New Zealand and Germany. We only use quality organic hemp extract and evening primerose oil. The THC content of the organic hemp extract used here is always guaranteed to be below 0.2%.

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